US Government Whistle Blower Silently Uncovers DLT Prototype Development.

The United States Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) Innovation Lab posted promotions for work positions to create “use case models” for blockchain advances in late-March.

GAO is the preeminent review organization of the U.S. government and offers assessment and insightful types of assistance for Congress.

GAO to investigate model applications for DLT

The two positions look for an ‘Interdisciplinary Computer Engineer/Computer Scientist’ and an ‘Interdisciplinary Assistant Director, Computer Scientist/Engineer’ to investigate “developing innovations” including blockchain.

The two jobs will be directed by GAO’s Science, Technology Assessment, and Analytics (STAA) Team’s Innovation Lab.

The postings show that the lab is making a unit to “[i]dentify, create, test, and assess use case models for developing advances” including “computerized record (blockchain),” AI frameworks, Internet of Things (IoT), and virtual and increased reality innovations.

Through the lab’s work, the organization plans to “decide the most encouraging arrangements and approaches which, if effective, could significantly change the matter of review, examinations, and program assessment for the future GAO.”

GAO warms to blockchain

GAO propelled the STAA Team to investigate developing innovations toward the finish of January — with the body involving the first new office opened by GAO’s in quite a while.

In September 2019, the organization distributed a leaflet stating that disseminated record advancements (DLT) “could in a general sense change the manner in which government and industry lead business” — signposting GAO’s enthusiasm for blockchain months prior.

The report noted improved straightforwardness, diminished work expenses, and information quality among the open doors offered by blockchain.

GAO additionally underlined the wide pertinence of DLT across numerous basic areas, including production network and coordinations, news, vitality, and medicinal services.

source: cointelegraph

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